IAI - High Speed Linear Actuators

Listed below are all the Linear Positioning Electric Actuator models made by IAI.  Many of the units below are available in Cleanroom Class 10 electric actuator versions.  Additionally, several of the models shown below may be used in combination for point-to-point positioning, and others for advanced, interpolated motion.

NEW! Electric Linear Servo Actuator
Magnets have replaced the ballscrew to generate ultra high speeds & rapid acceleration and deceleration.
Magnet-Driven High-Speed Linear Servo Electric Actuator

Area Sensors Integrated System High-precision (ISPA) High-rigidity, Compact, Durable Ballscrew Electric Actuators!
Color Mark Sensors ISPD - Clean Room (ISPACR) High-rigidity, Clean Room Ready, Durable Ballscrew Electric Actuators!
Fiber Optic Sensors Integrated Combination Systems (ICS) Multi-axis Cartesian IA Electric Actuators!
Laser Sensors Dynamic Series (DS) Compact, programmable, single or double axis positioners!
Optical Touch SwitchesSolid System (SS) Extremely Rigid, Steel-Based, Ballscrew Electric Actuators!
Optical Touch Switches Integrated Flexible (IF)High-rigidity Belt Driven Electric Actuators!
Photoelectric Sensors Flexible Series (FS) High-speed, Compact, Belt Driven Electric Actuators!
Pressure/Flow Sensors Linear Servo Actuator High-speed, Servo Electric Actuators!
Semiconductor Sensors NS Rotating Nut Linear Actuator (NS) Long Stroke, Multi-slider Nut Rotation Electric Actuators!