20CB Series Coupling

20CB Series couplings offer 1/8” flow capacity and are manufactured from chrome plated brass. 20CB Series couplings are available with internal shut-off valves or straight through configurations. 20CB couplings are the most durable and offer the highest performance ratings. All 20 Series couplings interconnect with each other and are compatible with many other latch type couplings.

Performance Ratings:

Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 250psi; 17.3 bar
-40ºF to 180ºF
-40C to 82C
Flow Capacity: 1/8”


Bodies & Terminations: Chrome Plated Brass
Latch: Stainless Steel
Springs: Stainless Steel
Internal Valves: Acetal copolymer
O-rings: FDA Buna-N (others available)