50GP Series Coupling

50GP Series couplings offer 1/4” flow capacity, are manufactured from a high performance glass filled polypropylene, and are designed for applications that require extreme durability. With excellent chemical resistance properties, these couplings are also well suited for applications in acid and chemical transfer. 50GP Series couplings interconnect with all 50 Series products and are compatible with many other plastic latch type couplings.

Performance Ratings:

Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 120psi, 8.3 bar
32ºF to 180ºF
0ºC to 71ºC
Flow Capacity: 1/4”


Bodies & Terminations: Glass Filled Polypropylene
Latch: Acetal copolymer
Latch Spring: Stainless Steel
Valve Spring: Stainless Steel
O-rings: EPDM (others available)
Internal Shut-off Valves: Glass Filled Polypropylene