AC Motors & Gear Motors

AC motors operate by simply connecting a capacitor and supplying power from a commercial power source. Oriental Motor offers a wide variety of standard AC motors in frame sizes ranging from 1.65 inch (42 mm) to 4.09 inch (104 mm) square with output power of 1/750 HP (1W) to 1/4 HP (200 W). There are two basic types of AC motors: standard induction motors that run continuously and reversible motors that allow for bi-directional operation. AC motors with additional functionality are also available. These types of motors include: electromagnetic brake motors to hold loads in a power-off situation; clutch & brake motors for quick starts and stops; synchronous motors and low-speed synchronous motors for a fixed speed in synchronization with the power frequency; watertight motors for applications were the motor is splashed or washed with water and torque motors for tension control and winding applications.

Many of Oriental Motor's AC motors conform to UL/CSA/EN standards and apply the CE Marking in accordance with the low voltage directives. AC motors are available in power supply voltages that meet the requirements of North America, Asia and Europe