Thermal Management Systems

cooling fansA fan is a device that creates airflow by using a motor to rotate blades. Cooling fans are essential in the smooth operation of many sophisticated machines, such as electronic equipment. The ORIX fan line includes AC and DC axial flow fans for ventilation and cooling, centrifugal blowers for local cooling and cross flow fans for a wide uniform sheet of air. The new cooling modules combine a fan with peripherals to reduce equipment problems caused by the ingress of dust or water, while saving installation and replacement costs. The ORIX fan line incorporates specially designed fan blades for increased air flow, increased static pressure, high airflow and low noise.

Advanced functions are often needed to ensure equipment is cooled adequately, thereby improving the reliability of the equipment itself. Temperature sensors that can detect changes in internal temperature and adjust airflow and alarms that can detect faults, are some of the functionality offered with ORIX fan products. In addition, accessories such as thermostats are available for energy savings by only operating the fan when needed.