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Electronic Regulators & Switches

  • SMC electro-pneumatic regulators and pressure switches control air/vacuum pressure and switching logic. Digital and analog signal output is available.

SMC Product Overview

  • Electronic Regulators
    Electronic regulators control air pressure or vacuum pressure in proporation to an electronic signal. Electro-pneumatic regulators provide stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical signal.

    Series: ITV, IT

    Pressure Switches
    Pressure switches detect pressure of gases or liquids. Built-in circuitry allows for the adjustment of set points and outputs. Outputs are ON-OFF solid state or read switch type outputs. Some models fetaure analog outputs. The pressure is detected using solid state, metal diaphragm or piston type sensors.

    Applications for pressure switches include areas such as positioning, leakage testing, supply pressure verification, etc.

    Series: IS1000, IS3000, ISA, ISE1, ISE2, ISE3, ISE4, ISE5, ISE30, ISE40, ISE50, ISE60, ISG, PS1, PSE

    Vacuum Switches
    Vacuum switches are widely used for automatic vacuum control for air and inert gases. SMC vacuum switches can be used for small electrical loads such as relays and programmable controllers. Other features include easy electrical wiring, wide callibration range, high frequency operation and long life.

    Series: ZSE1, ZSE2, ZSE3, ZSE4, ZSE5, ZSE30, ZSE40, ZSE50, ZSE60, ZSM1

    Flow Switches
    Flow Switches detect and confirm the flow of fluid and are available for both air and water.

    Series: Dual Rod IF, IFW, PFA, PFD, PFD, PFW