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Aquarium Framing & 80/20 Builds

80/20 aluminum extrusion is more commonly used in industrial manufacturing, assembled to be machine framing and robotic guarding. Its flexibility, durability, and sleek look, however, have recently made it in high demand for personal projects, retailers, and wholesalers alike for all sorts of applications. Examples range from:

✔ Aquarium Stands and Lighting Solutions

✔ Photo Booths

✔ Work Benches and Shelving

✔ Home Furniture

✔ Boating Accessories

✔ Signs and Displays

✔ ...and whatever else your imagination can think of!

Features that have made this so popular are:

  • Completely and easily customizable - make whatever you want!
  • Clear anodized aluminum
    • Great for outdoor or salty environments
    • Light weight yet strong
  • Easy to build
    • Fully machined, and can ship collapsed and compact to save on shipping
    • Easy to get in the home or workplace - No need to try to fit full sized frames through doorways or around tight corners.
  • Modular slots for adjustment
    • Future dimension changes as well as addition/subtraction of components is simple - Complete flexibility!
  • FAST!!! Get a fully custom design and machined kit in just 2 weeks!