HPE Automation

Product Groups

Machine Vision

The Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. A complete offer of products and solutions ranging from smart cameras to embedded vision systems.

  • P-Series – Compact Smart Camera
  • T-Series – Powerful Hi-Resolution Smart Camera
  • MX-E – Gig-E Vision Processors
Fixed Mount Barcode Readers

Datalogic is the largest manufacturer of barcode readers in the world. They make a variety of readers for track & trace, omnidirectional stations for sorting and tracking, image processing for inspection and quality control, and OCR and OCV for verification.

  • Matrix 120 – Ultra-Compact Barcode Scanner
  • Matrix 220 – Barcode Image-Based Scanner
  • Matrix 300N – High Performance Imager
Handheld Barcode Readers

Data collection products with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability. They are available both tethered or cordless and with laser linear or area imaging technology, and have Datalogic’s patented green spot good read indication.

  • QuickScan – Handheld Image-Based Scanner
  • Gryphon – Premium General Purpose Handheld Scanner
  • PowerScan – Omnidirectional Industrial Scanner
Sensor and Safety Products

Datalogic provides a wide range of sensors such as color, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement. They also have Type 2 and 4 light curtains and safety laser area scanners.

  • Laser Sentinel – Safety Laser Scanner
  • SLIM – Ultra-Compact Safety Light Curtains
  • SG4-H – Stainless Steel IP69K Light Curtains
Laser Markers

Datalogic is focused providing top value solutions for automotive, electronics, medical devices and high precision metal manufacturing. A complete range of products and solutions based on FIBER LASER, SOLID STATE and CO2 technology. Clear and permanent Logos, 1D and 2D codes, serial numbers & dates on most of industrial materials.

  • AREX400 – Compact Fiber Laser Marker
  • UNIQ – Ultra Compact All-in-One Fiber Laser Marker
  • EOX – General Purpose CO2 Laser Marker

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