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Key Products


Mitsubishi offers a full portfolio of industry-leading automation control product to be able to provide a solution for any application. From small compact PLCs to full rack systems, Mitsubishi has you covered.

  • FX3 Series Compact PLC
  • FX5 Series Compact PLC with Simple Motion
  • iQ-R Series Rack Style PLC

Mitsubishi has a plethora of HMIs to give your machine the operator interface it needs. Their offering expands from compact 3.8” displays up to 15” HMI’s with industry first multi-gesture operation (think 2-finger zooming on your iPhone!)

  • GS21 Series Simple HMI
  • GT25 Series Wide Screen HMI
  • GT27 Series Graphic Interface HMI

Mitsubishi servos are unmatched in performance. The encoders on the MR-J4 series boast over an 4.1 MILLION pulses per revolution for unmatched accuracy and smooth velocity control.

  • MR-JE Series Servo
  • MR-J4 Series High Performance Servo
  • MR-J5 Series Maximum Performance Servo

Mitsubishi is the largest manufacturer by volume of VFD’s in the world. They offer 4 different series to cover your needs, from compact micro drives to their flagship inverters with built-in PLC functionality.

  • FR-E800 – Micro Inverter Series
  • FR-F800 – Pump and Fan Inverters
  • FR-A800 – Flagship Inverter Series
Industrial Robots

Mitsubishi industrial Robots are equipped with industry leading speed and precision. They offer both SCARA and 6-Axis robots, and they are backed by the industry’s best initial warranty with a 3-year on-site warranty.

  • RH-CH – Compact, low cost SCARA Series
  • RH-FRH – High Speed SCARA Series
  • RV-FR – 6-Axis Robot Series

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