14 - Return Policy | HPE Automation

Billing Policies

Credit and Payment

Unless the customer is approved for terms, all transactions through the web store will require credit card information for payment. Orders will not be able to be finalized until a valid credit card if provided for payment. We also accept payment via ACH, check, or wire transfer; however, if this is your preferred method of payment, your order will need to be placed over the phone at (800)-432-5933. Unless otherwise noted on the face hereof, if a customer is extended terms, HPE’s standard terms are net 30-days. To apply for terms, please contact ar@hpeco.com. We may decline to deliver except for cash, or may stop goods in transit if reason to question the customer’s financial responsibility develops. If credit is not approved prior to shipment, we may request payment in advance on standard cataloged products, or payment in advance on special products or special situations. The customer agrees to pay all costs of collection, or attempts made to collect the debt created by this purchase, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, whether litigation is involved.

Estimated Charges for Shipping via Prepay and Add

If a preferred shipping method and account is not specified by the customer at the time of order, then we will, by default, ship all orders prepaying the shipping and adding it to the final invoice. The shipping amount displayed at the time of checkout is only an estimate; however, in most cases, this rate will be honored. That said, there will be circumstances, particularly when item weights are not available in our system to properly calculate the estimated shipping or when an order needs to ship via LTL truck freight, where HPE will contact the customer prior to finalizing the order to advise on a revised, more accurate estimated shipping amount. While most online freight estimates will be honored, HPE reserves the right to revise and bill a more accurate amount for an order, should there be a difference. If a customer provides a UPS or FedEx collect account for the shipment, the estimated amount displayed will be disregarded and all charges will bill direct to the customer’s account at the customer’s specific rates.

Customer Credits/Refunds

In the event that a product is approved to be returned for credit, either to HPE Automation or directly to the manufacturer, a credit in the amount for the item(s), less any applicable restock fee, will be credited back to the customer. If original payment was received via credit card, the refund will be applied to the card associated with the original order. If on terms, a credit memo will post to your account.