HPE Automation

Key Products

ROBO Cylinders

The ROBO Cylinder is IAI’s flagship product. These are fully programmable electric actuators allowing you to program hundreds of movements and motion profiles by easily programming the Acceleration/Deceleration/Velocity in their simple software.

EC Elecylinders

The EC Elecylinder is a 2 position actuator perfect for replacing pneumatic applications when you want more control or to reduce the costs of compressor air. Easily program an 2 positions and ACEL/DECL/VEL within the stroke, and use ON/OFF signals to run.

RCS3 Servo Press

IAI’s RCS3 Servo Press Actuator with built-in load cell is the perfect actuator for press applications. It combines high-precision position control with easy to use adjustment of force and position allowing it to do things you just can’t do with hydraulic actuators.

Grippers & Rotaries

IAI offers a wide portfolio of electric grippers from small solenoid grippers to long stroke grippers with high rigidity and grip force. They also have high torque and hollow type rotary actuators for your rotary applications.

Cartesian & SCARA Robots

IAI’s SCARA Robots are known for their quality and performance. They have multiple versions to fit various applications, from their lower cost SCARA that utilizes stepper motors, all the way up to their flagship IXA SCARA, the fastest SCARA on the market.

Product Videos