HPE Automation

Key Products

Stepper Motors

Oriental Motor offers a wide range of stepper motor products. From standard Open Loop high quality stepper motors, numerous gearing options, and Oriental Motor’s flagship AlphaStep Closed Loop Stepper, they have a complete offering for any application.

  • AlphaStep – Closed Loop Stepper Series
  • CVK – Speed Control Series
  • AZ – Stepper Motor Driver Series
Brushless DC Motors & Gear Motors

Oriental Motor’s Brushless DC motor systems combine powerful brushless DC motors and compact size to offer top of the line performance, speed stability, and a wide range of speed control.

  • BLH – Brushless DC Series
  • BMU – Brushless DC Series
  • BLE2 – Brushless DC Series
AC Motors & Gear Motors

Oriental Motor offers both single-phase and three-phase AC motors and gear motors. These are available with both constant speed and speed control options. Lastly, they also offer electromagnetic brake options for applications that require one.

  • FPW – IP67 Washdown AC Gear Motor Series
  • KII – Single-Phase AC Motor & Gear Motor Series
  • World K – Single-Phase Torque Gear Motor Series
Servo Motors & Drivers

Oriental Motor offers a Tuning Free Servo Motor. The Tuning Free Servo Motor is available from 50W all the way up to 750W, and offers a wide variable speed range with high power and compact size. Available in standard or planetary geared types.

  • NX Tuning Free Servo Series
  • NX Series Servo Motor Drivers
  • FLEX Network Gateways
Linear and Rotary Actuators

Oriental Motor combines their flagship AlphaStep motor with linear ball screw, belt and pulley, hollow rotary tables, rack and pinion mechanical components to provide the various types of motion needed for a variety of applications.

  • DGII – Hollow Rotary Actuator Series
  • EZS – Closed Loop Linear Slide Actuator
  • EAC – Closed Loop Linear Rod Style Actuator

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